Tuesday, September 1, 2020

fall is in the air

I've been trying to upload this post for a few days now ... what's up with Blogger ??
The days are getting shorter, the sun is sitting lower, the nights are cool and the sun not as hot anymore. Fall is in the air. I love fall, I love it's colors, it's smell, it's celebrations and the cooler temperatures it brings. Ths only thing I don't like about fall is that it will be followed by winter ... a long, cold and dark winter. 

I've been working in the garden the last two weeks...or what is suppose to become my garden. This big plot of land is free to be designed by me :) 
In the left hand upper corner u see a little plum tree...just below the maple. That is the start of a future row of fruit trees . I would like a couple apples and maybe a cherry next year .

I started a little H├╝gelkultur bed ... which I want to have done by the end of october and plant with garlic for the winter. This is an experiment. We will see ... I build it with old logs, lots of brush, leaves, other cuttings from the garden and kitchen compost. I will cover it all with soil once I start taking down my garden beds from this year...

I alsonstarted transplanting som
e of my berry bushes. This is a red current. 

And here a row of gooseberries.
Along the back of the garden I will plant a row of rasberry bushes. The holes are dug , I am planning on planting tomorrow.

We took in another three oldies last week. 
Comanche and Scout 

And Sierra. All three were given to us due to hay shortage in the area. All three are broke to ride, Sierra and Comanche both beginner safe with lots of experience. 

My tomatoes are riping so nicely this year. I don't often get to pick ripe tomatoes in this area. Growing season is just to short. Often tomatoes finish ripening in the house or I make green tomatoe pickles. I am happy to have lots of ripe tomatoes this year for salads and sauces. Tomatoes are my happy go to veggie in the garden.

The carrotts also finally start growing. They are still little but a couple of weeks ago I didnt think we would even make it to this size ever :)

Our pond is so low this year. We need water so badly. It is still enough for Daisy to cool off and that 's all that counts for her ;)

Lily took her goats for a last stroll. Two days ago the babies and one of the big giats went to a new home in Thunder bay ...

I've never seen Lil this sad. It broke my heart and whatever I didn I just couldnt cheer her up. The lady who bought them send me pictures on Facebook which made both of us feel a little better. Seeing them with new friends at a beautiful new place healed our pain a bit. We are slowely getting used to not having all those cuties around.

I did a thing. I ordered two gooselings. Sebastopol geese like the ones in the picture. I love them and can't wait to get the babies here next spring . Aren't they beautiful ??

We had an accident at the farm tonight. One of the turkeys fell into a waterhole and drowned. 
I hope everyones day ended on a happier note than ours.

Til next time, take it easy !!!

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  1. I love your farm. Its so calming to come here and visit and get out of this "ratrace" Florida tourist beach suburbia I live in. My days consist of traffic sounds, even though a couple blocks away. And tv news blasts. And more hate than love I think. I do have backyard birds though, if I get out there early enough to hear them before they hide from the heat. Thanks for making my morning sweet and soft. Sorry about your turkey. :(